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To Listen to  a show, Scroll Down & Click On The One You Want To Hear and Adjust the volume

To download a track follows the instructions below

Please Note - Due to software upgrades there are some small changes to the track download procedure.

1. Click on the track to download.

2. The file will be downloaded in a compressed  state. This will be indicated by a icon of a zip on the LHS.

3. If you get an automated message about the file you can choose to discard or press ^. to continue.

4. Press keep and the track will be placed in your download file.

5. Look uptop to the far right and press extract all.  Press extract again.

The file will now be decompressed and you can shift it to any folder you choose

and delete the compressed file if you wish

Lady M Visits  - The Far North

To Visit Lady M's Web Site click the link below :

Walruss Comedy 1/2 Hour

Country Legends Jukebox With Jay Dean

Mick Casey Radio Show

The Golden Jukebox With Stuart James

Like To Do A Podcast or Have an Idea For One

And Not To Sure How To Go About It.

Contact Us On  & Let's discuss it

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