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 camping tips

To help protect our environment please carefully recycle your rubbish in the bins provided

Please leave no trace of your visit. Put non recyclable rubbish in the bins provided.

Leave footprints and take only memories

YES you can camp here. Look for the signs. Don't camp on private property without asking first

Our rivers and streams are very delicate. Introduced pollutants can have a devastating effect on the quality of water and fish that live in them. Camp well away from the riverbanks and wash your clothes where you can contain the water.

Camping responsibly is not using the bush as a toilet. Always use on board or public  facilities. There are places/dump stations where you can empty your vehicles toilet and waste water

For a list of legal,public waste water dump sites please click this link :


For legal camping areas visit holiday park,visitor centres, I-Sites,Dept of Conservation or a local information centre

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